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Fiber Optic Light Up Shoes for Boy Girls Rechargable Luminous Shoes for Men Women


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  • EU26 Kids=US19=168MM
  • EU27 Kids=US10=175MM
  • EU28 Kids=US11=181MM
  • EU29 Kids=US12=188MM
  • EU30 Kids=US12.5=194MM
  • EU31 Kids=US13=201MM
  • EU32 Kids=US13.5=208MM
  • EU33 Kids=US1=214MM
  • EU34 Kids=US2=221MM
  • EU35 Kids=US3=226MM
  • EU36 Kids=US4=230MM
  • EU37 Kids=US5=235MM
  • EU38=Kids US6=240MM
  • EU39=Kids US6=245MM
  • EU40=Kids US7=250MM
  • EU41=M US8/W US10=255MM
  • EU42=M US8.5/W US11=260MM
  • EU43=M US9/W US12=265MM
  • EU44=M US10=270MM
  • EU45=M US11=275MM

Color: White

  • White
  • Black
  • Pink


  • These light- up shoes have 7 single colors glow (Red Green Blue Yellow Turquoise Purple White.)
  • 3 dynamic color modes (easily customizable)
  • 1 special strobe mode as a bonus
  • These light-up shoes are made of fiber optical mesh material, provides higher folding endurance, it is super light. You will not feel the weight when you wear it.
  • Suitable for kid's and youth's everyday casual wear, parties, clubs, celebrations, night outs, performances, cosplays, skateboarding, etc. Ideal Valentine's day for your little loves.

Charge Instruction

  • Please charge the shoes 2-3 hours as soon as you get them, the battery may run out.
  • When charging, a weak red light is generated of the shoe sole. Do not turn on the lights during the charging process.
  • When the shoes are fully charged, the shoes will automatically turn into a lightless mode.

Warm Tips:

  • Please stay away from little kids when charging.
  • Please use a qualified adapter for charging.
  • Please do not use led shoes as running sneakers.
  • Please do not immerse it in water.
  • Use wet tower to clean the upper directly. For stained and dirty spots, use the sponge eraser to brush the wet upper smoothly, and put the shoes in a ventilated place to dry it. Never soak in water.

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Eu26 kids=us19=168mm, Eu27 kids=us10=175mm, Eu28 kids=us11=181mm, Eu29 kids=us12=188mm, Eu30 kids=us12.5=194mm, Eu31 kids=us13=201mm, Eu32 kids=us13.5=208mm, Eu33 kids=us1=214mm, Eu34 kids=us2=221mm, Eu35 kids=us3=226mm, Eu36 kids=us4=230mm, Eu37 kids=us5=235mm, Eu38=kids us6=240mm, Eu39=kids us6=245mm, Eu40=kids us7=250mm, Eu41=m us8/w us10=255mm, Eu42=m us8.5/w us11=260mm, Eu43=m us9/w us12=265mm, Eu44=m us10=270mm, Eu45=m us11=275mm


White, Black, Pink

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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt

EU26 Kids=US19=168MM / White - $59.99